Time: Tuesday August 22nd  Place: Salongene, Maritim Hotel

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For the second time, the Norwegian film festival organizes the Haugesund Children's Film Convention, an all-day conference on film and games aimed at children and young people. The children's film convention will consist of a combination of key-notes, panel discussions with decision-makers, mediators and educators, presentations of good projects in film and various successful dissemination activities. The purpose is to present good measures and projects in Norway and Europe that can inspire and contribute to both increased competence, good inspiration, increased interaction and better dissemination of film to the target group.

Cultural life in Norway is under great pressure, and this also applies to the greatest extent to culture for children and young people. Increased inflation and weakened allocations are causing financial pressure both for the cultural institutions and also for the public. The right of children and young people to participate in their cultural provision is also an important point in the children's culture report, and has required new thinking for the vast majority of providers. Both of these elements are also important for the festival's other focus on children and young people. Seeing how this is solved in other European countries is exciting and hopefully useful when new strategies for dissemination are to be laid down.

At the same time, we see that both the former arm's-length principle for state funding of cultural institutions is gradually being eaten up by the number of "boxes for good measures to be delivered in" for measures seeking grants. Is there a danger that the art itself becomes less important than the project's purpose and goal achievement? We also see that freedom of expression itself is threatened, both by an increasingly brutal public exchange of opinions that makes it difficult for young people to participate in the social debate and that projects risk censorship by a sensitive opposition. All these are topics we want to highlight and discuss at this year's convention.

In addition, children and young people's media habits are constantly changing, and we look forward to delving into the results of the Danish Film Institute's survey and report "Close to children and young people", and at the same time getting input from the other Nordic countries. And not least, it is exciting to hear what the young people themselves think about freedom of expression and the curation of their own film programme.

This convention will be in Norwegian.


Program (subject to changes)

Moderator: Ingvild Bjerkeland

09.00 – 09.10 Welcome and introductory speech from Matias Hilmar Iversen, incoming director of Kulturtanken


09.10 – 09.30 Film presentation: Ibelin by producer Ingvild Giske

Ibelin tells the story of Mats Ibelin Steen, who was born with a degenerative muscle disease which resulted in his passing at just 25 years old. His parents believed that Mats had few friends and lived a life of isolation, but following his death they discovered how many friends he truly had and what Mats meant to them.


09.30 – 10.00 Presentation of the report  «Tætt på børn og unge» by Rikke Flodin, partner at Will & Agency


10.00 – 10.45 Panel discussion: Children and youth media consumption in the Nordics

With Sigbjørn Sandberg (Statistikk- og analyserådgiver, NFI), Janne Vierth (filmkonsulent for barn og ung, SFI)

Moderator: Berit Andersen, Norwegian Film Institute 


10.45 – 11.00 Coffee break


11.00 – 11.20 School Cinema in Paris

Presentation from the organisation Enfances au Cinema by program director Florence Dupont


11.20 – 12.10 School Cinema in the Nordics: short presentations and panel discussion

With Rose-Marie Strand (Folkets Bio), Marjo Kovanen (Koulukino) and Jacob Breuning (Med Skolen I Biografen)

Moderator: Silje Riise Næss


12.10 – 13.00 Lunch


13.00 – 13.30 Norgesfilm's new platform for schools

Presentation of the new film education initiative from Norgesfilm.

by Tina Andersson, Norgesfilm


13.30 – 14.00 Film presentation: Hei Verden by director Kenneth Elvebakk

Is it problematic to show films about being young and queer today? Director Kenneth Elvebakk has travelled with DKS for his film Hei Verden and met young students across the country. Along the way, there have been many exciting conversations as well as some challenges. Elvebakk will share some of his experiences with these classroom screenings, as well as clips from the film. 


14.00 – 14.20 Case-study: Focus on youth

How can we get the 'Tiktok generation' to immerse itself in film? What differences arise between boys' and girls' film production? 

by Christina Svien, media teacher at Nannestad vgs/board member, mediepedagogene


14.20 – 14.35 Coffee break


14.35 – 15.35 Panel discussion: Controversial art and freedom of expression

Is it possible to make controversial for children and youth? How interested are youth in provoking others? How kan filmmakers interact with today's cultural sensitivtiy? How can reconcile the artistic expression with diversity, representation and social policy?

with Rasmus Sivertsen (filmmaker), Christian Svien (media teacher Nannestad vgs), Måns Leonartsson (Head of Communications, BUFF) and Silje Riise Næss (NFI)

Moderator: Ingvild Bjerkeland


15.35 – 15.55 The youth's own choice

The Norwegian International Film Festival's youth panel present their work with the new youth film festival.

with Sofie Hagland Børseth (youth coordinator, The Norwegian International Film Festival) and youth panel representatives Grace Kwizera Pettersen and Åsmund Lervik Tornli 


15.55 – 16.00 Closing remarks


17:00 Film screening and presentation of the educational programme at Festiviteten for Haugeland-based teachers.


Registration and prices (without Festival Pass or accreditation):

Tuesday, August 22nd 09.00-16.00 in Maritim Hotell Salons. Lunch included, dinner 17.30 at To Glass.

Children's Film Conference (Dinner included) 

Price: 1 630 kr

Children's Film Conference (Dinner not included) 

Price: 1 050,-

Registration: Buy tickets here

Registration and prices (with Festival accreditation): 

Children's Film Conference (Dinner included) 

Price: 1430 kr

Children's Film Conference (Dinner not included) 

Price: 875 kr

Registration through the accreditation form. If you have questions, contact

This year's programming was chosen by Cathrine Jacobsen (Kulturtanken), Berit Andersen (Norsk filminstitutt), Geir Bergersen (Mediepedagogene), Gyda Myklebust and Tonje Hardersen (The Norwegian International Film Festival).

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