At our Works in Progress-section you'll get a sneak preview of upcoming Nordic feature films.

In this session, exclusive clips/scenes from each film is presented by the film’s director and/or producer. The presentations aim to create awareness of the films and provide participants with an intimate and unique encounter with the lineup of the upcoming year's Nordic films.

Bilde 07.11.2020, 14 54 18 (1).jpg

Swedish director Ninja Thyberg presenting her film "Pleasure" as Work in Progress. Photo: Jan Kåre Ness

In our Work in Progress-section we present 15 - 20 feature films in post-production currently looking for festivals, distributors and sales agents. 

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Norwegian producer Gary Cranner presenting "Sisters: The Summer We Found our Superpowers" by Arild Østin Ommundsen and Silje Salomonsen.Photo: Jan Kåre Ness

Time and place of presentation:

Our Works in Progress-section takes place Thursday August 25, 2022.


Who's attending?

The audience at our Works in Progress consists of Nordic and International buyers, festival programmers, film financiers, sales agents and co-producers.


The presentation:

The film's director/producer will give a 10-12 minute presentation in English, consisting of:

1. A short introduction of the director and the film

2. 2-3 film clips (altogether 5-8 minutes), introduced by the director and/or producers.

3. A brief Q&A with the moderator.


Call for projects

Are you a Nordic film professional with an upcoming feature film you would like to present?

Submit your film at our Call for WIP.

Deadline is June 10th.