WORKS IN PROGRESS | 22 August 2024

Get a sneak peek of what the Nordic film scene has to offer!

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TIME: Thursday 22 August at 09:00 - 12.00  

VENUE: Edda Cinema 

In our Works in Progress section, we present feature films that are currently in post-production. Selected scenes from each film and a short presentation by the producer or the director will give the viewers an exclusive and unique 10-minute presentation and preview of the upcoming movies. 

After the presentations, we arrange one-on-one meetings between the filmmakers and film professionals who express interest in the projects.

The audience at Works in Progress consists of Nordic and International buyers, festival programmers, film financiers, sales agents and co-producers.


THE ABYSS by Richard Holm, produced by Joakim Hansson, SF Studios, Sweden 

BACK TO EARTH by Mariken Halle, produced by Mariken Halle, Marius Mork, Guro Brusgaard and Katja Eyde Jacobsen, Alternativet Production, Norway 

BETTER TIMES by Milad Avaz, produced by Misam Avaz, Forty Five Films, Denmark 

BIRU UNJÁRGA by Egil Pedersen, produced by Aleksander Olai Korsnes, Mathis Ståle Mathisen, Pål Røed, Rein Film, Norway 

HANDLING THE UNDEAD by Thea Hvistendahl, produced by Kristin Emblem and Guri Neby, Einar Film, Norway 

IN THIS VERY MOMENT by Marte Vold, produced by Elisa Fernanda Pirir Ruiz, Stær film, Norway 

KADZO by Baker Karim, produced by Olivier Guerpillon, Bad Flamingo Studios AB, Sweden 

SEX, DREAMS, LOVE triology by Dag Johan Haugerud, produced by Yngve Sæther, Motlys, Norway 

STORMSKERRY MAJA by Tiina Lymi, produced by Jukka Helle, Markus, Solar Film, Finland 

THE LAST PARADISE ON EARTH by Sakaris Stórá, produced by Jón Hammer, Adomeit Film, Kykmyndir, Denmark/Faroe Islands 

UNSINKABLE by Christian Andersen, produced by Hanna Rosland and Jesper Jørgensen, Wasabifilm, Denmark 

VIKTORIA MUST GO by Gunnbjörg Gunnarsdottir, produced by Ole Marius Elvestad, På Film, Norway 

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