From the project DIVORCE DURING WAR by Andrius Blazevivius, M-films

From the project DIVORCE DURING WAR by Andrius Blazevivius, M-films

A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT by Lauri-Matti Parpei, produced by Ilona Tolmunen, Made, Finland

ARROGANCE by Ville Jankeri, produced by Mete Sasioglu, Sons of Lumiére, Finland

BECOMING A LANDSCAPE by Emily Graves, produced by Aeyliya Husain and Nadine Pequeneza, November Films, Canada

BESTIERE by  Jonas Kærup Hjort, produced by Rikke Tambo Andersen, Tambo Film, Denmark

BLACK WATER by Aga Woszczynska, produced by Agnieszka Wasiak, Lava Films, Poland

BOURAN by Maryam Moghaddam and Behtash Sanaeeha, produced by Peter Krupenin, Hobab, Sweden

CITY OF LAVA by  Erlingur Thoroddsen, produced by Arnar Benjamin Kristjansson, Zikzak, Iceland

DIVORCE DURING THE WAR by Andrius Blazevivius, produced by Marija Razgute, M-Films, Lithuania

ELENA by Dalia Huerta Cano, produced by Elisa Pirir, Stær, Norway

GUNNAR'S DAUGHTER written by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, produced by Angeli Marie Macfarlane

HAVEN by Adam Berg, produced by Christpher Granier-Deferre, Poissons Rouge Pictures, UK

INTO THE RAINBOW by Annika Bert, produced by Maria Møller Kjeldgaard, Mana Film, Denmark

JOE'S ASSIGNEMENT by Jens Lien, produced by Kristin Emblem, Einar Film, Norway

LOTTE & TOTTE by Mia H. H. Fridhthjof, produced by Ronnie Fridthjof, Fridthjof Entertainment, Denmark

NIPSTER by Sunniva Kveum, produced by Adam Lunneborg, Carbs Film,  Sweden

PESTA by Hanne Berkaak, produced by Tonje Skar Reisersen og Lise Fearnley, Nikrofilm, Norway

SOULS ON TAPE by Cark Javér, produced by Fredrik Lange, Vilda Bomben Film, Sweden

STARGATE by Ida Sagmo Tvedte, produced by Hege Hauff Hvattum og Yngve Sæther, Motlys, Norway

THE CURSE – A LOVE STORY by Amanda Kernell, produced by Eva Åkergren, Nordisc Film Production, Sweden

THE DJ by Joern Utkilen, produced by Carolynne Sinclair Kidd, Hopscotchfilms, UK

THE ELF by Joonas Berghäll and Hannes Vartiainen, produced by Joonas Berghäll, Oktober Oy, Finland

THE HOME by Mattias Skoglund, produced by Siri Hjorton Wegner, [sic] films, Sweden

ZARZIZ by Farzad Samsami, produced by Trude Refsahl, Gorillafilms, Norway

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