20 – 23 AUGUST 2024

New Nordic Films is a key film market and Nordic Co-Production Market that showcases forthcoming Nordic feature films. It offers a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration among the best of the Nordic and global film industry. 

Set during The Norwegian International Film Festival in the charming coastal town of Haugesund, this year's 30th film market will take place from 20–23 August, bringing together approximately 300 industry professionals from around 30 countries.

Since its inception in 1995, New Nordic Films has become an unmissable marketplace for anyone interested in upcoming Nordic feature films. This is where the world's most discerning cinephiles, sales agents, festival programmers, industry insiders, and creative visionaries converge. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, participate to elevate your craft and expand your horizons. 

Smedasundet by night. Photo: Haakon Nordvik

Smedasundet by night. Photo: Haakon Nordvik

Here's what awaits you:

  • International Co-Production and Finance Market - Unlock opportunities for partnership and financing on both a Nordic and a global scale.
  • Exclusive Work-in-Progress Presentations - Get a sneak peek at upcoming Nordic gems and be among the first to witness their brilliance.
  • Intimate Networking Hub - Connect with fellow film professionals in an intimate setting tailor-made for forging meaningful relationships.
  • Festival Screenings - Immerse yourself in the latest Nordic cinematic masterpieces, fresh from the editing room and destined to captivate audiences worldwide.
  • Meet Producers and Directors - Engage with the creative minds behind the lens as they unveil their latest film projects.
  • Market Screenings at the Edda Cinema Centre - Discover hidden treasures and potential game-changers in a curated cinematic showcase.
  • Insightful Seminars - Stay ahead with timely and engaging seminars explicitly crafted for the international film industry.
  • Exclusive Meeting Venues - Find inspiration and strike deals in idyllic locales ideal for private discussions.
  • Unforgettable Social Events - Elevate your networking game at our dinner parties, boat trips, and Nordic Happy Hours, where connections are forged and memories are made.

Film projects featured at New Nordic Films span various genres and are selected based on their artistic merit and potential for international appeal. Each participating project aims to make a mark in both the Nordic and International markets.

Who attends New Nordic Films?

New Nordic Films attracts the entire film industry, and each year the event brings together around 300 professional participants from over 30 nations. The key players in Nordic cinema are represented, and the market is a central hub for both the film market and financing within the industry. The participants represent a broad range of professional categories, including:

  • International and Nordic sales agents, buyers and distributors, seeking fresh and compelling content to bring to global audiences.
  • Festival programmers curating film programs for festivals worldwide.
  • International sales agents, connecting filmmakers with distribution opportunities worldwide.
  • Producers, screenwriters, composers and directors eager to collaborate, innovate, and bring their cinematic visions to life.
  • Film organizations, Nordic Film Institutes, film funds and investors dedicated to supporting and promoting the vibrant Nordic film landscape.
  •  Industry-related international press, journalists, and media personalities covering the film industry and reporting on new trends and events.
  • Literary agents working to license film rights for literary works.
  • Representatives from leading streaming services looking for quality content for their platforms.

The broad participation of these professional categories helps to create a dynamic and fruitful environment for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas and knowledge within the film industry. Feedback from participants underscores the significant role that New Nordic Films plays as a key player in promoting Nordic cinema both nationally and internationally.

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Seminar at Bedehuset. Photo: Grethe Nygaard

Map of Haugesund

Map of Haugesund