Haugesund Head Tonje Hardersen: “We’ve Had More Films to Choose From Than Ever Before”

Variety, August 5 2022

More Than 40 Film Pitches Slated for Haugesund’s New Nordic Films 

Variety, August 12 2022

Haugesund’s works in progress include new films from Selma Vilhunen, Nils Gaup

Screen Daily, August 12 2022

Pinball London to Set Up First Scandinavian Co-Pro With ‘A Gift to My Mother’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety, August 12 2022

‘So Damn Easy Going’ Producers Bet on Double Female Debuts (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety, August 12 2022

«Det er et stort trykk for å gå videre og lage film.» (+)

Rushprint, August 12 2022

Tehrani, Zaman og Gossé lufter nye filmer i Haugesund

Rushprint, August 12 2022

New Nordic Films announces its Works in Progress and Market Screenings

Cineuropa, August 16 2022

Haugesund’s New Nordic Films announces its Nordic Co-Production Market projects

Cineuropa, August 17 2022

Italy’s I Wonder Pictures Boards Finnish ‘Super Pitch-Black’ Comedy ‘The Player’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety, August 23 2022

‘Godland,’ ‘The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic’ Nominated for Nordic Council Film Prize

Variety, August 23 2022

‘The Emigrants’ Tops Haugesund, with ‘The Love Pill’ Named Best Project

Variety, August 25 2022

Naures Sager’s The Love Pill wins the Best Project Award at Haugesund

Cineuropa, August 26 2022

Norwegian film folks sum up their experience of New Nordic Films 2022

Cineuropa, August 28 2022