Books at Haugesund

Call for Proposal.


Wednesday 21.08 2024  | Haugesund Public Library 

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Books at Haugesund, established by The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund in 2017, is a dynamic platform fostering connections between publishers, literary agents, and the Nordic film industry. The primary goal is facilitating meaningful engagements between literary professionals and film producers.

This event is a unique opportunity for agents possessing film rights to books, drawing them into Haugesund to collaborate with Nordic producers in search of compelling narratives. Approximately ten carefully selected novels are presented to film producers, offering a curated selection of captivating literary material ripe for adaptation to the cinematic realm. 

Call for projects – Books at Haugesund  

In keeping with the success of the previous year, Books at Haugesund is set to maintain its effective one-on-one meeting format. Literary agents are encouraged to submit up to two projects, which will be shared with producers before the festival. These submissions will be the foundation for pre-scheduled private one-on-one meetings, ensuring a focused and productive exchange of ideas and opportunities. The call for projects is open until June 18, inviting agents and producers to participate in this vibrant intersection of literature and film at Books at Haugesund.


The following Nordic agents attended Books at Haugesund in 2023: 

Chiara Stanziani, Helsinki Literary Agency

Astrid Dalaker, Northern Stories Agency

Anette Garpestad, Cappelen Damm Agency

Gina Winje, Winje Agency

Stella Johannesdottir, Reykjavík Literary Agency

Inga Semmingsen, Oslo Literary Agency

If you have any questions regarding Books at Haugesund, please get in touch with Christian Høkaas at