Books at Haugesund


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"Books at Haugesund" was initiated by The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund in 2017. The event aims to bring publishers and literary agents from the Nordic countries to Haugesund to meet producers and the rest of the film industry. This year's Books at Haugesund will be held at Haugesund folkebibliotek Wednesday 24.august 2022 where literary agents and producers will get to know each other through speed dates. 

Approximately ten novels will be presented to film producers looking for exciting literary material suitable for the big screen. The festival will invite agents with film rights to books to meet with Nordic producers looking for great stories.


At the festival's market section New Nordic Films, brand new feature films and works in progress from the Nordic countries are presented. We also have a Co-Production and Finance Market bringing producers to Haugesund to present their project and to find co-funding and co-production opportunities. Over 350 film professionals visit the market annually, making it the ideal place to meet representatives from the film industry who are interested in new Nordic content.


The following Nordic agents attended Books at Haugesund in 2021: 

William Crona, Bonnier Right 
Eirin Hagen, Hagen Agency
Sophia Hersi Smith, Copenhagen Literary Agency 
Trude Kolaas, Immaterial Agents 
Kirsti Kristoffersen, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 
Thomas Mala, Northern Stories Agency 
Annette Orre, Oslo Literary Agency 
Gina Winje, Winje Agency
Anette S. Garpestad, Cappelen Damm Agency