Europa Distribution at New Nordic Films


We are happy to continue our partnership with Europa Distribution, and look forward to receiving several of their members at new Nordic Films and to also arrange a panel discussion this year. More information on the topic of this year's panel discussion will come soon.

Europa Distribution is the international association of independent film publishers and distributors, created in 2006. With more than 115 leading independent film distributors representing 31 countries in Europe and beyond, it acts as a network and a think tank, and serves as the voice of the sector.  For over 15 years, Europa Distribution has been creating new bridges for its members to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

Through dedicated brainstorming, training sessions and informal gatherings, the Network constantly works to enhance the circulation of information and know-how and to improve the curation, promotion and distribution of independent films. Besides offering an insight on the world of independent film distribution to other sectors of the film industry, through its open panels Europa Distribution also aims at helping its members to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of the constantly evolving Audio-visual sector.

The association also acts as the voice of the sector and regularly exchanges, in its capacity as a recognised spokesperson for independent film distribution, with the main European associations and bodies involved in the audio-visual sector, to ensure that the priorities and concerns of its members are taken into consideration.

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Europa Distribution's seminar at Haugesund Library during New Nordic Films 2022 (Photo: Line Halvorsen)