How to Co-Produce with the UK & Nordics/ NFTF

How to Co-Produce with the UK 

TIME Wednesday August 23rd at 17:00 VENUE Haugesund City Hall

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2023 is the first of two years in which New Nordic Films will have a special focus on co-productions with the United Kingdom. The aim is to boost co-production possibilities and collaborations between the UK and the Nordic countries. A British delegation will be attending New Nordic Films and 4 UK projects are in the Co-Production Market selection.

How to Co-Produce with the UK 

TIME Wednesday August 23rd at 17:00 VENUE Haugesund City Hall

During the session “How to Co-Produce with the UK” we’ll meet Denitsa Yordanova (Head of UK Global Screen Fund), hear a case study on The Damned (Dir. Thordur Palsson) from producer Kamilla Kristiane Hodøl (Elation Pictures, UK) and hear from Liselott Forsman (CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond) on the possibilities of co-producing with the Nordics. 

The session will be moderated by Wendy Mitchell (Screen International, Sundance London FF) 

Following the session there will be a British Reception at the Haugesund City Hall. 

The UK Focus is made in collaboration with and supported by British Film Institute, The Norwegian Embassy in London, The British Embassy in Norway and British Council.