Presentation of Neo

Photo: Árru

Photo: Árru

Neo - The Norwegian Film Institute's new hub for talent and project development  

Scandinavian film institutes have strong traditions for boosting talent development. NFI's extensive support scheme Neo is a newcomer compared to Moving Sweden and New Danish Screen, with 11 production supports given so far, ranging from the first ever Sami joik musical, via fiction dramas rooted in refuge stories to documentaries on a young struggling artist as well as on a joint law suit in the US. Neo's ambitious mandate is to initiate a generous number of idea/script developments a year, and further develop a range of projects by debutantes within fiction features, series and documentaries. Production support will be given to five to seven projects annually to a variety of new film voices.   

Neo's is led by short film commissioning editor Nina M. Barbosa Blad, the youngest ever to be appointed as fiction film commissioner at NFI. Blad has produced a number of short films by strong young talents, screening at festivals like Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand and Winterthur, as well as the youth series “Nudes” which sold to a.o. BBC.