New Nordi Narratives in Haugesund

Introducing our partner New Nordic Narratives

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New Nordic Narratives will have a workshop during New Nordic Films, where 8 directors and producers are pre-selected to do hands-on work on their projects. 

Workshop holders are Valeria Richter and Helene Granqvist. 

New Nordic Narratives is an innovative and dynamic hands-on lab and networking process, designed to create safe spaces for scriptwriters, directors, producers and managers to connect on transforming demands for inclusion, sustainability and audience outreach in the film- & tv industry into useful tools for success.

Through project development labs, vision seminars, leader courses and public events New Nordic Narratives facilitates and produces new insights and methods, empowering creators to emerge as the change agents our film- and tv community needs. Among their initial partners they count New Nordic Films, Finnish Film Affair, Industry@Tallinn BE, THIS Series Aarhus & TV Drama Vision.

New Nordic Narratives is part of Nordic Factory’s strategy to share Nordic innovation, creativity, and resilience internationally.