Quine Will Reward The best Next Nordic Generation Project.

Quine will reward the winning Producer/Director/DoP of Next Nordic Generation at New Nordic Films with a cash-prize and one full year free access to the QuineCore solution for their next projects, allowing them to be more efficient, green and sustainable than ever.

Ahead of the The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, sponsor of the New Nordic Films - Quine AS - announced that they also this year will be giving away a full years use of their cloud based PAM (Production Asset Management System) QuineCore, which will allow faster collaboration between users regardless of their physical location much more sustainable and greener than any existing traditional post production workflows.

“New Nordic Films reflects Quine’s values of new thinkers, new talent and a fresh look at film- and TV production. In a reality where HBO is pulling out and Netflix probably will be scaling down, where the planet is boiling and those young at heart want to produce more sustainably and adapt to the changing production reality, Quine wants to support the next generation producers in achieving their ambitious story-telling goals in a way that takes care of both people and the planet.” says COO of Quine AS Gunleik Groven.

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“Instead of wasting time, money and precious resources on people doing tasks better done by computers, QuineCore can provide an efficient post production process while being sustainable and lowering your carbon footprint – and save the producers a good chunk of money.” said Mathias Hekton, Product Manager and Head of Corporate Sales at Quine. “If a producer thinks that skipping plastic straws and using wooden utensils is going to make their production green, they need to step up and consider every aspect of the production from a sustainable and efficiency perspective.”

For more information please visit: www.quine.no

Quine AS was started in late 2016 in Oslo, Norway by founders Gunleik Groven, Stian Zeljko Vrba and

Kristian Skarseth as a way of automating processes, geting assets well organized on a unified platform.

In 2021 more than 85 productions in Norway and 16 of the nominations for “Gullrute”

used QuineCore. To date, over 400 productions ranging from films to episodic dramas, commercials and reality-shows,

have successfully used QuineCore for their post production needs