2023 • 1h 34m • Sweden

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New Nordic Films


Original title
Peter Pontikis
Peter Pontikis
Xoaher Musavvir
Patrick Sobieski
Production company
Thin Skin Films, Co-produced with Scandinavian Content Group
Int. Sales
12-year-old Abdel lives in a segregated area but has an aptitude for school. When his friend Bashir is asked to start dealing drugs for the local gang, Abdi gets drawn into criminal activities. Bashir gets in trouble and Abdi is forced to help him out. By doing so he inadvertently discloses the whereabouts of the gang’s hideout. A rival gang launches a retaliatory raid, one of the gang members is killed and Abdi gets the blame.


Peter Pontikis studied psychology at the University of Stockholm and video and photography at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. His thesis The Gift (2006) played at festivals like Karlovy Vary and Mar Del Plata. In 2008 he made the cult feature Not Like Others a moody vampire drama, and in 2014 the award-winning short Boy-Razor. As part of the Swedish Film Institutes Shortfilm Horror Initiative It’s Alive, Peter directed the first Swedish virtual-reality fiction project: Oh Deer! (2016), a short experimental horror in 3D. Bullets is his second feature.
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