2022 • 1h 30m • Sweden

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Original title
Johannes Persson
Paolo Vacirca
Hanna Kriisa
Paolo Vacirca, Alexander Eriksson
Production company
Scandinavian Content Group
Int. Sales
Based on the true story of Sweden’s first woman to be killed for witchcraft, a horrifying murder quickly turns into a ghost myth online and becomes a popular tourist attraction. Influencers soon try to ride the wave of “ghost tourism” to market various tourist destinations for clients. The goal is to make potential tourists believe that an old witch, Märit, lives in the lake around a commercial campsite – but there’s soon reason to believe that Märit is more than just a made-up ghost story.


Johannes Persson has a wide and vast experience of working with different dramatic formats, and a profound love for the horror genre. Critically acclaimed and awarded for his short horror films which successfully managed to scare the entire world. He is born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden and runs an internationally renowned casting company.
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