2023 • 0h 15m • Sweden

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Next Nordic Generation

New Nordic Films

English subtitles
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Irene Lopez
  • Bianca Cruzeiro, Noemi Sjöblom, Mirei Lundin Cruzeiro
Irene Lopez, Felix Greisinger, Mattias Lindblad Anttila
Robin Asselmeyer
Carla Mantilla
Production company
Stockholm kunstnerlige høgskole | Stockholm University of the Arts

When AI technology is part of everyday life

In a not-so-distant future where AI technology is part of everyday life, Rebecka (41), a successful architect and mother to Nonno (5), works from home with her sick daughter while her partner Carl (39) is away. Rebecka needs assistance to focus on an important deadline and receives help from her AI clone, R. However, R not only provides support but also constantly criticizes Rebecka, reminding her of her limitations as both a mother and an architect, which creates feelings of insecurity and guilt within her. The increased pressure from R, coupled with Rebecka's ambition to excel both at work and at home, leads Rebecka to fantasize about different ways to get rid of the clone, but getting rid of a version of herself proves to be not a simple task.


Irene Lopez
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