2022 • Norway

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Original title
Alex Herron
Thomas Moldestad
Sjur Aarthun
Dave Spilde, Ilana Pinker, Tommy Wirkola
Production company
Trollbound Entertainment
Int. Sales
An abandoned infant is found in a cemetery in the United States. The child is wrapped in a blanket with satanic symbols. A wolf cross pendant hangs around her neck. 20 years later: Hunter is obsessed with finding out why she was abandoned and who her biological parents are. A genetic test, the blanket and the wolf cross lead her to Norway. Hunter is closing in on the terrifying truth, but visions of a dark figure warn her: LEAVE!


Alex Herron is a Norwegian music video and commercial director. Herron started off working with Taio Cruz and Ministry of Sound. One of these videos became the first music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube in Europe. This led to collaborations with artists such as Aviici, Kesha, Kylie Minogue, T.I and Rob Thomas. Today, Herron's videos have been viewed well over a billion times on YouTube.
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