Little Allan – The Human Antenna

2022 • 1h 20m • Denmark

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Festival tag:

New Nordic Films


Original title
lille allan – den menneskelige antenne
Amalie Næsby Fick
Thomas Porsager, Amalie Næsby Fick
Thomas Heinesen, Trine Heidegaard
Production company
Nordisk Film Production
Int. Sales
When Little Allan’s parents get divorced, and he has to move to a whole new town, his desperate search for new friends suddenly finds him acting as a human antenna for his elderly, UFO-obsessed neighbor. As a telepathic alien girl, Britney, crash-lands and they have to help her get home, a unique friendship is formed. But he isn’t the only one interested in Britney. A mad taxidermy-collector is on her trail in an attempt to answer the age-old question: Is there life in space, and can he stuff it?


Amalie Næsby Fick graduated as animation director from The National Film School of Denmark in 2016. Fick's graduation film Ztriwer won several awards, including best children and youth feature at CPH PIX. Amalie made her debut as feature director with The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear (2017), which she directed together with Philip Einstein Lipski and Jørgen Lerdam. The film premiered at the Berlinale. Her serial debut was Sex (2020).
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