Norwegian Offspring

2023 • 0h 44m • Denmark

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Next Nordic Generation

New Nordic Films

English subtitles
Age limit
12 years
Marlene Emilie Lyngstad
  • Jan Gunnar Røise
  • Ibbi El Hani
  • Jannik Bernhard Tengberg, Frejdige Freja, Mill Jober
Emilie Koefoed Larsen, Marlene Emilie Lyngstad, Carl Osbæck Adelkilde
Thomas Dyrholm
Carl Osbæck Adelkilde
Production company
Den danske filmskolen | The National Film School of Denmark

The longing for offspring

Stein lives in the outskirts of a Norwegian village, with his vlog as the only connection to the outside world. He is obsessed with theories about the suppression of male sexuality in modern society, and wishes more than anything to fulfill his human purpose: to reproduce. When his estranged mother is found dead in her apartment in Copenhagen, he is left without reconciliation. This leads him into a restless night in the sexual underworld, where he - through three meetings with different women - moves further and further away from his evolutionary starting point, but perhaps closer to "human"? Norwegian Offspring is an absurd fiction, made in close contact with reality. A story about sexuality, fear of death, and the longing for connection.


Marlene Emilie Lyngstad
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