2023 • 2h 03m • Finland

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New Nordic Films

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English subtitles
  • drama
Saara Cantell
  • Elin Petersdottir, Henna Tanskananen, Lauri Tanskanen, Björn Thors, Hilmar Jonsson
Saara Cantell, Elin Petersdottir, Henna Tanskanen, Lauri Tanskanen, Minna Sorvoja
Marita Hällfors
Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg
Production company
Making Movies Oy
available worldwide excl. the nordics
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SHOT OVER THE COURSE of eight years with a minimal crew, Siblings uses factual references as well as events in the actors’ lives, creating a unique documentary-style fictional story. The Helsinki-based twins Jenna and Joni discover they have a stepsister, Jóna, in Iceland. As they get to know her, the siblings gradually start to shape each other. Jenna becomes pregnant and tries to live in Iceland. Jóna has an affair and moves to Finland. Joni decides, while fighting cancer, to quit his job and do something meaningful.


SAARA CANTELL is an award-winning film director and scriptwriter. With nine previous feature films as Star Above, The One and Only, Devil’s Bride, she is one of the most productive Finnish film directors. She has also directed numerous short films and TV series such as Fast for Yellow Films & TV, 2021 and My Son Joel for ITV, 2022. She was selected in 2010 for the Film Director of the Year in Finland. In 2015 Women in Film and Television WIFT Finland nominated her as an honorable member.
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