Sister, What Grows Where Land is Sick?

2023 • 1h 20m • Norway

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Original title
den siste våren
Franciska Eliassen
Franciska Eliassen
Henrik Lande
Franciska Eliassen
Production company
Myke Blikk AS, co-produced with Hummelfilm, Filmreaktor
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In a small town in Northern Norway, Eira tries to navigate in the shadows of her brilliant and rebellious older sister Vera. Lately, something is happening to Vera. In a quest of finding out what, Eira starts reading her diary. She enters Vera’s universe of intense light, glitter, mythology, and hopes for a more beautiful world. Yet her diary reveals darkness and rage that Eira doesn't know how to deal with.


Franciska Eliassen’s works explore ecofeminism, geopolitics and our relation to nature. While doing her BA in film at the Nordland University College of Art and Film in Lofoten, she built a hut of soil in the mountains where she lived for one and a half year. Known as «Norway’s most primitive art residency» people now live there for free to connect to nature. She is now doing a MA in fine arts at the National Academy of art, combining it with studies in philosophy and interdisciplinary ecology.
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