Stockholm Agreement

2022 • 0h 20m • Sweden

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New Nordic Films

Original title
stockholm agreement
Arabic, English, Swedish
English subtitles
Age limit
12 years
Tanja Holm
  • Manal Alwesabi, Hend Omairan, Mohammed Abdelsalam, Ali Ashal
Tanja Holm, Manal Alwesabi
Tanja Holm
Stockholm University of the Arts

The world’s perhaps strangest peace talks

A story about the world's perhaps strangest peace talks. The war has turned Yemen into the greatest humanitarian catastrophe on earth. Five million children risk starvation. The warring parties are taken to Sweden for UN-led negotiations. Everyone hopes that this is the first step towards peace. But chaos surfaces.

The war has turned Yemen into one of the greatest disasters on earth. Something has to be done. The United Nations asks Sweden for help. And two delegations from Yemen arrive to the castle outside Stockholm, and begin to negotiate for peace. The world media is also present, as is journalist Manal Alwesabi. She is from Hodeida, a port city at the center of the fighting. 

A short documentary about a historical week with UN-led peace talks on Yemen, and an agreement that was said to be the beginning of the end of the war.

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Tanja Holm
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