2023 • Finland,Italy

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Teemu Nikki
Teemu Nikki
Jyrki Arnikari
Jani Pösö, co-producer Andrea Romeo
Production company
It’s Alive Films
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The cheapest drivers in the hearse business, gambling addict Risto Kivi and his friend, the 85% brainless man Arto Niska, have found themselves in a situation where everything has gone wrong, and they are in need of a fresh start. Ultimately Arto, the man without a brain, and Risto, the man without a heart, are forced to gamble with their own lives. The Player is a film about addiction, friendship and forgiveness. Stylistically, it is a genre-bending trip that will both entertain and shock the audience, helping them understand life's absurdities in even its ugliest shades.


Teemu Nikki is a prolific self-educated, award winning filmmaker and son of a pig farmer from Sysmä, Finland. His latest feature The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic (2021) pwon the Audience Award at Venice Film Festival, his feature Euthanizer was Finland’s official entry for the 2019 Oscars’ Academy Awards. Nikki has directed numerous short films and popular TV series. His style is best described as a good willed yet unapologetic political satire of humanity.
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