2023 • NaNh • Norway,Sweden

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New Nordic Films


Original title
Nils Gaup
Christopher Grøndahl
Anders Bohman
Tom Vidar Karlsen, Trond Eliassen
Production company
Storyline NOR, co-produced with Gøtafilm AB, Film i Väst (SE), Handmade Films AS, Centaur Films
Int. Sales
The year is 1907. In the deep and cold mines in the arctic mining-city of Sulitjelma, also known as Sulis. The workers are treated like slaves by the mining company. The enormous values of the copper ore are transported out of the country to make the owners rich, while the workers call Sulis “the Hell of Lappland”. Before long, enough is enough – a huge riot leads to a climax that changes Scandinavia forever.


Nils Gaup is an Oscar-nominated and award-winning director from Norway with films like The Pathfinder, The Last King and The Kautokeino Rebellion. Sulis is his next big project again set in the arctic. Over the years, his epic films have made him one of the most acclaimed and famous directors in Scandinavia.
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