2023 • 2h 23m • Sweden,Italy

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Original title
the store
Ami-Ro Sköld
Ami-Ro Sköld
Hanna Högstedt
Lovisa Charlier
Production company
Onoma Productions
Int. Sales
Outside the discount grocery store, a disparate group of homeless people have built a camp of tents and shacks. They live off dumpster diving in the store’s container, and are met with aggressive resistance. Meanwhile, the store’s employees slave under hardening conditions from the chain’s higher-ups. Through a unique meld of live action footage and stop motion animation, The Store lets us follow the conflicts and relationships that arise between people under the heel of a profit-hungry system.


Ami-Ro Sköld is a director, animator, screenwriter, producer and a founder of Onoma Productions. They drew attention as the first person to premiere a film on the front page of The Pirate Bay, with 2009’s Nasty Old People. Their next feature, Granny’s Dancing on the Table, earned Ami-Ro a nomination for the Guldbagge for best director. Ami-Ro has become noted for their blend of stop motion animation with live action, also used in the upcoming release The Store.
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