There´s No Place Like Home

2022 • NaNh • Denmark

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New Nordic Films


Original title
den der lever stille
Puk Grasten
Puk Grasten
Mia Mai Graabæk
Regner Grasten, Tove Grasten
Production company
Regner Grasten Filmproduktion A/S
Int. Sales
The movie is based on the self-biographical novel The One Who Lives Quietly by Leonora Christina Skov. It is an Oedipus the King story: you are born with a predestined fate which you cannot escape. Leonora’s fate is her social heritage. When her mother dies, her father persuades Leonora to come home to fulfill her mother’s role in the family. The father gaslights Leonora to believe that she is sick like her mother and must be protected by him. Leonora gets lost in her father’s reality, which she needs to change to break free.


PUK GRASTEN is a Danish award-wining writer/director. She graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film program, where she made her debut feature film 37 (2015). 37 had its world premiere at the Moscow Int. Film Festival, where it won Best Director and the Critics' Award for Best Film. 37 also received the Danish Arts Foundation Award and the Dreyer Award for a brave visual style of storytelling.
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