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New Nordic Films

Original title
dansa min docka
Swedish, Dari, English, French
English subtitles
Age limit
12 years
Jasmijn Kooijman
  • Anna Bjelkerud, Mushtaq Khorsand, Elias Åkerman, Madeleine Ekman, Maja Kekonius, Moa Myrén, Thomasine Boris-Möller, Safi Nazari, Asil Mahdawi, Linda Sternö, Ivar Jansson, Javid Sina, Joel Viksten Abrahamsson, Venessa Koohnavard
Jasmijn Kooijman, Theodor Österberg
Jasmijn Kooijman
Hawa Sanneh, Jimm Garbis
HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design

Caught in the bureaucratic claws of the Swedish migration agency

A story that revolves around the right to asylum. With humor and great recognition, the dolls that represent the people who influence – and those who are affected – by Swedish migration policy are brought to life. In Jasmijn Kooijman’s hybrid film, we meet undocumented people, asylum rights activists and administrators at the Swedish Migration Board. The small everyday moments, from when life goes on as usual, are depicted between the big and life-changing decisions that are made over the head of the main character Ali, who for years has tried to get permission to stay in Sweden. The criticism of the social structures that make the uncertainty so great for the asylum seekers can not be missed, and in the midst of the worst, the film also manages to be funny.

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Jasmijn Kooijman
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