Meet The Next Nordic Generation

Meet the Next Nordic Generation 

Foto: From the film Boys by André Vaara

Foto: From the film Boys by André Vaara

Next Nordic Generation is a competition program where we highlight the next generation of filmmakers with the best exam films from the major film schools in the Nordic region. The winner will receive a price of NOK 20.000 sponsored by Quine AS. 

The following graduating shorts participated in 2023:

Amygdala (dir: Jack Elliot - Stockholm University of the Arts)

Boys (dir: André Vaara - HDK-Valand)

Days of Regret (dir: Yousra Said - Stockholm University of the Arts)

Helvete (dir: Adrian Skarstad - The Danish Film School)

Killing R (dir: Irene Lopez - Stockholm University of the Arts)

Latch Key Kids (dir: Sindre Mangen Haram - Westerdals | Kristiania University College)

Norwegian Offspring (dir: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad - The Danish Film School)

Other People  (dir: Anni Sairio, Joonatan Turki - Aalto ELO Film School)

Prelude  (dir: Arman Zafari - Aalto ELO Film School)

Where the Light Breaks Into Shards  (dir: Siiri Selin - Aalto ELO Film School)

About the award sponsor:

Quine AS have created a system to simplify your postproduction process with QuineCore, and to save time and money by doing so. During postproduction there are typically a lot of different steps, software and people involved to make sure footage is secure, accessible, ready for editing and organized. In addition to the 20.000 NOOK cash prize, Quine AS will be giving away a full years use of their cloud based PAM (Production Asset Management System) QuineCore, which will allow faster collaboration between users regardless of their physical location much more sustainable and greener than any existing traditional post production workflows.

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